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Below is a sample Constructed Response from the Defined STEM library called: "Food For Mars".

Defined STEM - Constructed Response - Food For Mars

Constructed Response : Food For Mars ( Grade 5 - 6 )

Astronauts have to survive for months in space. They have a small menu of items to choose each day. Astronauts must eat processed foods and powdered drinks. These are served out of plastic pouches. Yum! The food made for astronauts does not last that long. This is the problem NASA faces in planning for really long trips like a trip to Mars.

  • Meals for Mars.

    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 10.4

    Common Core Band Flesch-Kincaid The Lexile Framerwork®
    9th - 10th 8.32 - 12.12 1050 - 1335
    11th - CCR 10.34 - 14.2 1185 - 1385