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Examples of skills required for the PARCC Assessment

PARCC Assessment

Defined STEM contains performance tasks, literacy tasks, and constructed responses that focus on STEM education and help students prepare for PARCC Assessment. Tasks included in Defined STEM are similar to tasks that students will undergo during the PARCC assessment. Defined STEM created performance tasks and literacy tasks using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework and career based videos to ensure that students see how the real-world skills they are learning now will be used throughout their lives.

The Defined STEM teaching resource actively encompasses all subjects and provides valuable practice for students that will be taking the PARCC Assessment. K-12 tasks built from the ground up using PARCC smaples as guidelines are available to teachers to ensure that students have all the 21st century skills required to succeed. Every task offered is completely editable so teachers can use the resources provided to create unique lessons for their individual classrooms and put a personal spin on learning core skills. Every task is aligned to common core standards and/or state-specific standards and has a fully editable task-specific rubric attached.

To learn more about the Defined STEM teacher resource, check out some examples of our performance tasks and literacy tasks and Constructed Responses

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