Providing Real-World Learning Experiences

Defined STEM provides online, authentic project-based lessons for PreK-12 students and teachers. Our engaging real-world content empowers students to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to be successful.

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Understanding by Design & Defined STEM

UbD & Defined STEM

Read our white paper and watch Jay McTighe discuss Defined STEM

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Performace Tasks

Performance Tasks

Challenge students to apply knowledge & skills

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Literacy Tasks

Literacy Tasks & Constructed Responses

Create argumentative & informative responses to real-world issues

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Standard Grid

Align and integrate tasks with curriculum standards

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PD & Webinars

STEM: A Holistic Approach to Real-World Problem Solving Webinar
Four teachers at Huntingdon Middle School (PA) have developed a turnkey rotation model to teach students how to apply STEM to real-world situations by completing cross-curricular, multifaceted projects.

Teaching and Assessing the 21st-Century Student Webinar
Nationally recognized thought leader, Jay McTighe, specializes in providing new-age professional development to improve the quality of student thinking.

Cradle to Careers Webinar
A forward-thinking superintendent details how she transformed her general ed program into a series of career academies.

Performance Task G.R.A.S.P. Process Video for Students
Students learn the process of going through the performance tasks elements.

Defined STEM Walkthrough
Learn to navigate the new Defined STEM user interface

21st Century Skills
Learn how Defined STEM brings Understanding by Design and Project Based Learning to the classroom.

Project Based Learning
Learn how to with Performance Tasks in Defined STEM.

*Our work reflects some of the ideas of the Understanding by Design Framework®. We have utilized components of this framework with the permission of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins.