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The Products within each task are designed using the multiple intelligences. The products provide various opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding. Based upon each individual learner and/or individual class, the educator can make appropriate instructional decisions for product development.

These considerations may include:
• having a student complete all products within a task;
• having students complete a number of products based upon content application and/or student interest;
• having a student complete certain products based upon the educator’s decision to maximize content, concept, and skill application;
• having students work as part of a cooperative group to complete a product or the products; and/or
• having students complete products based upon the strength of their multiple intelligences.

Each task contains between four and six products for development consideration. The products are meant to provide students with experiences aligned with 21st Century Learning and Innovation Skills. Additionally, each task contains at least one product that requires the utilization of a technology-based experience. This provides the student with experiential learning opportunities based upon software and web resources and the application of these tools to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

The products provided within each task are closely aligned with the multiple intelligences and the set of products within the task will help educators meet a number of those multiple intelligences.

Products Page