Blended Learning

"Blended Learning" combines face to face instruction through technology and/or digital online learning. Blended learning brings together the more traditional lecture based teaching method with the more modern approach that incorporates technology into the curriculum. This method of learning allows teachers to address students' needs in a variety of ways whether it is through face to face instruction or digital content and allows students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, blended learning serves to personalize learning for students through the use of technology alongside face to face instruction. This type of learning combines the best aspects of each method of teaching. For instance, students get the flexibility and freedom to move at their own pace with the use of technology but also get to collaborate and apply concepts they have learned with teachers and other students.

Defined STEM is a versatile and adaptable resource that can be easily incorporated into any curriculum. Teachers are able to customize lessons and rubrics to fit the needs of their students. In addition, students have the freedom to work at their own pace and the flexibility to work in class or at home. Using this tool allows students to take learning into their own hands. Defined STEM can serve as a supplementary product that can enhance the knowledge communicated through face to face instruction and better engage students through the use of their digital content. Defined STEM is a teacher driven resource that is able to give students the best of both worlds through their performance and literary tasks. Through these tasks students are given relevant real world based material that requires them to utilize their technological skills as well as their interpersonal skills. Overall, Defined STEM helps tailor classroom instruction to the specific needs of each individual student and provides both the teacher and student with the freedom and flexibility associated with blended learning.