Defined STEM Professional Development

Defined STEM has unique professional development options to match your district needs. Please contact Joel Jacobson at 224-220-3585 / 888-759-5020 x202 ( for a complete professional development proposal.

Facilitated STEM Professional Development Webconference Course

Objectives - $1,500/course

This presentation will provide an overview of the website and provide a detailed script highlighting all components of the media rich resource.

  • Through experiential learning, participants will have an overview of how Defined Learning content can be integrated into differentiated classrooms through promising practices in instruction and assessment including:

    • Standards-based instruction
    • 21st century teaching and learning
    • Rigor/Relevance Framework
    • Multiple intelligences
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Webb's Depth of Knowledge
    • New Bloom's taxonomy
    • Performance assessment
    • Understanding by design
    • Analytical rubrics
    • Integration of technology tools
    • Authentic assessment
  • Following this experience, participants will engage in the un-facilitated Online Professional Development Course followed by a one hour face-to-face videoconference as follow-up. This session will be used to bring all aspects of curriculum integration with Defined Learning content together with the culminating products within the online course. This session will be closely tied to the goals and objectives determined by the participating school/school system.

Defined Learning's On-site Face-to Face STEM Workshop (4.5 hours)

Objectives - $2,500/course

To building a STEM Vision, using video to connect rigor/relevance through project based learning activities.

  • Using Defined Learning content to reach upper levels of Bloom & Webb (modeling)
  • Website Overview
  • Promising practices in instruction and assessment including:
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Differentiated Instruction 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    • Literacy Tasks and Performance Tasks
    • Connecting the Dots
    • Each participant should have their own computer.